Aleppo – Istanbul / The Guest

A film by Andaç Haznedaroğlu

Aleppo – Istanbul / The Guest Movie Poster

Aleppo – Istanbul / The Guest (2017)

A film by Andaç Haznedaroğlu
  • Saba Mubarak
  • Rawan Iskeif
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When a migration story becomes also one of motherhood..

This film follows the journey of Lena and Meryem during their flight from the war in Syria. Lena is a ten-year-old girl who has lost her family in the war. She finds herself forced to make her way to Turkey with her baby sister and their neighbor Meryem, along with the other refugees. What Lena really wants is to return home, while Meryem’s hope is to reach Europe. They arrive in Istanbul only to face new challenges, they do not know anyone and they get abandoned by the only people that could help. Their efforts to survive in the big city with all its cruelty and coldness, give us hope nonetheless. At the end of the tough journey they have both learned to love and take care of each other…

The ultimate question is WHAT IF A WAR BREAKS OUT IN YOUR COUNTRY TOMORROW? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? While showing Meryem and Lena overcoming the hurdles of a big city in a foreign country and becoming heroines of their story, this movie will enable people to have a better understanding of Syrian refugees feelings and the harsh reality they face every day.

Many stories told in this film became real afterwards.
The little actor Rawan Skeff fled to Greece, she is in a refugee camp near Thessaloniki.
Hundreds of thousands of parentless children who ran away from the war in Syria are living in other countries.

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About Movie


The Dr. Avni Tolunay Audience Award

  • 54th Antalya International Film Festival


Andaç Haznedaroğlu

During her television and cinema career over twenty years, she directed several hit TV dramas. In 2014 Haznedaroglu founded her own production company Andac Film Productions, and made her feature film debut.

Istanbul Film Productions

IFP Istanbul Film Production and Distribution Services Pte. Ltd. established by prominent producers Adnan M. Sapci, Sadik Ekinci and Emre Oskay in June 2013. It is an Istanbul based production company, which merges the experience skills and the talents under one roof. They are specializing innovative forms of cinema. I FP's passion is authorial stories. IFP has produced lots of award winning feature and documentary films since its foundation. Films of prominent directors such as Dervish Zaim, Hiner Saleem is produced by IFP. The company has an important experience in film distribution in Turkey, as well. The recent work of IFP is Oscar Nominated Film Mustang; which perfectly depicts what it is to be a woman.
You can find more information about IFP in the given link:

Istanbul Digital

ID (Istanbul Digital), was founded by Ali Bayraktar and Kivanc IIIK in 1995 to develop productions in Cinema and TV. They have already been working successfully for 22 years in the sector as consultants and system providers to the biggest post production companies and national TV channels in Turkey. They have been closely following the worldwide evolution of the digital workplace and leading the change in the country by providing expertise and consultancy on the subject. ID has supported many films and co-produced six feature films -three of which is in post production phase-in the last four years. They include 'Memories of the Wind' by Ozcan Alper which is a Turkish, French, German and Georgian production and 'My Father's Wings' by Kivanc Sezer that won 18 awards in national and international competitions in total in 2016.

Pan East Media

A media production company based in Dubai which operates across the Arab world and abroad. It has produced many hit TV shows, animations, online based projects, and commercials with pan Arab cast and crew. PEM currently has a team of writers working on developing scripts for films and series and in the pre production phase of a new film.

Saba Mubarak

Jordanian actress and producer. Winner of many international awards, Arab and foreign. Starred in over 50 highly acclaimed projects; TV, cinema, theater across the Arab world and internationally. Best known for her role in the Emmy award winning TV series 'The Invasion'.


Saba Mubarak

Meryem, a beautiful unmarried woman in her 30's, has a hair salon in Aleppo. When she loses everything in the
war, she finds herself running away from the country with her neighbors' two small children in her care.. Now Meryem needs to be a mother too during the harrowing ordeal she faces on her journey of survival..

Rawan Iskeif

Lena is 7, daughter of a middle class family in Aleppo. After the bombing of her town, she loses her parents and siblings except for her baby sister. As she is trying to get over the devastating loss of the life she knows until then, she involuntarily joins a group of people escaping to Turkey in the care of a woman she doesn't even like...

Homam Hout


Şebnem Dönmez


Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu

Rıza Akın

Ümit Olcay

Esin Gündoğdu

Aysima Karaaslan

Şam Numan

Sultana Abou Abdou

Mayada Abido

Sema Öner

Uğraş Niyazi Uysal

Ayta Sözeri

Zeynep Kankonde

Suzan Genç

Gamze Topuz

Hakan Aydın

Roza Erdem

Gökhan Balyemez

Tülin Ayhan

Gözde Erten

Selin Gültekin

Recep Gültekin

Muhammed Refki

Rose Hindawi

Soreş bağçivançi

Widad Sbeti

Hala Al Shikhhomar

Leen Rabie

Bissan Abou Hamdan

Khaled Abbar

İyad Ali

Safa Hattab

Diala Alnajjar Midani

Heca Raşid

Banan Alnajjar Midani

Ayham Nabeh


Director & Writer

Andaç Haznedaroğlu


Andac Haznedaroglu
Ali Bayraktar
Executive Producer
Emre Oskay
Executive Producer
Saba Mubarak
Executive Producer
Sadik Ekinci
Line producer
Adnan M. Sapci
Line producer

Director of photography

Hayk Kirakosyan

2nd Director of photograpy

Efe Kubilay

Music by

Toygar Işıklı

Associate producer

Barkın Haznedaroğlu

Production manager

Ziya Akbaş

first assistant director

Kadir Kaplan

Art director

Işıl Gürtop


Can Yağan

Sound by

Özgür Özden

Costume design

Selin Sözen

Casting by

Gökçe Doruk Erten

Project Coordinator

Durna Safarova
Zeynep Naz İnansal
Emre Boncuk

Assistant directors

Serap Mekikçi
Taha Gürer
Ümit Gürer
Tuvana Simin Günay

Focus Puller

Dimitry Mikhayilov
Mert Dönmez

Camera Assistants

Zeynep Seçil
Eren Gürel
Kaan Dinç
Hasan Ertürk

Production Crew

İsmail Çorluoğlu
Buğra Baydar
Ozan Kulaç

Assistants of art director

Tuba A. Coşkun
Serra Nebioğlu
Fatih Güngör
Şevki Kapti

Costume assistants

Selin Togay
Nur Aygör

Casting Department

Muhammed Refki
Nagihan Küçük

Special Thanks

Avşar film
Limon film
Sinegraf film
Pastel film
Süreç film
Ercan Yıldız
Cenk Yengin
Ata Yılmaztürk
Recce Prodüksiyon
Utkan Utku
Hacı Nazlı
Özge Efendioğlu
Zeynep Tulgar
Yelda şimşir
Bülent Özkan
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Tülay gökçimen
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Zorlu Center yönetimi
Efsun Savaş
Banu Dedeman
Murat Patavi
Ogün Şanlıer
Bülent Turgut
Sevda Çayır
İstanbul Halk Ekmek
Ayhanlar vinç